How to Build Flower Pots out of Landscape Timbers

Katherine Kally

Flower pots offer flexibility to your gardening and character to your landscape. Build your own flower pots out of landscape timbers to add dimension and color to your patio, yard or garden. Landscape timbers are treated boards that are designed to withstand exterior conditions relating to weather and insects. You can leave flower pots made from landscape timbers outside during the coldest temperatures or place them in direct sunlight during the hottest season without fear of cracking. Treat the timbers annually with wood sealer to increase the lifespan of the wood.

  1. Cut four landscape timbers into 16 2-foot-long sections. Each 4-inch-square timber measures 8 feet long; one timber will yield four 2-foot sections.

  2. Stack two 2-foot-long timbers lengthwise so that the edges are flush. Hammer a 6-inch pole barn nail through the top timber and into the bottom timber 2 inches from each end.

  3. Stack a third 2-foot-long landscape timber on top of the second timber. Make sure that the edges are flush. Insert 6-inch-long nails through the third timber and into the second timber, 4 inches from each end.

  4. Stack a fourth 2-foot-long landscape timber on top of the third timber; fit the timber so that the ends are flush. Hammer a 6-inch pole barn nail through the fourth timber and into the third timber, 2 inches from each end. The four 2-foot-long landscape timbers make up one side of the flower pot.

  5. Repeat Steps, 2, 3 and 4 three more times to make the remaining three sides of the flower pot.

  6. Stand one completed side of the flower pot at a 90-degree angle to a second completed side. Fit the outside edges of one side flush against the outside edges of the second side. Insert a 6-inch-long pole barn nail through each of the four landscape timbers to join the two sides together.

  7. Repeat Step 6 to join the two remaining sides together. Fit the two sections of the flower pot together to make a square. Insert 6-inch pole barn nails through each timber to join the seams together.

  8. Measure the length and width dimensions from the outside edges of the flower pot. Measure and cut 1/2-inch-thick treated plywood to fit. This is the base of the flower pot. Attach the plywood to enclose one of the square openings created by the four timbers sides. Insert 2-inch-long deck nails every 4 inches around the perimeter of the flower pot.

  9. Drill four 1/4-inch-diameter drainage holes through the plywood. Space the holes 3 inches apart.