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How to Find Galvanized Steel Pipes in the Ground

Jim Skelter

Before you begin any groundwork on a large scale on your property, it is very important to know whether there are any pipes underground before you start digging. Galvanized pipes of all varieties could exist under your ground, from water pipes to sewage pipes. Some pipe locations are documented but older pipes could have been installed with no documentation. There are a few measures you can take to locate underground pipes.

Using a metal detector is one way of locating underground pipes.
  1. Obtain a map of the gas lines near your property from your gas company.

  2. Call your water provider to ask about water mains near your property.

  3. Use a metal detector around your entire property to locate galvanized pipes. If you think you have found a pipe, try to follow it in a certain direction to see if the metal continues or if you have just found an isolated piece of metal.

  4. Use an underground locating tool to search for pipes. These are tools designed to locate underground pipes.

  5. Stick the steel probe into the soil to see if you hit a metal pipe. Note that some soil may be too thick for a probe to penetrate.

  6. Consult your home design plans to see if they indicate waste runoff or water supply. This will give you a specific idea of where pipes would be located.