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How do I Tell the Difference Between Gas & Propane Stoves?

Tzvi Raphael

Natural gas is a fossil fuel that can be used to power many different appliances and machines, including stoves. Another powering option for stoves is propane, which is a gas found in natural gas but can be made to exist in a liquid state, making it easier to transport and store. If you have a stove in your home that you would like to replace or perform repairs on, but don't know whether it is running on propane or natural gas, there is an easy way to tell the difference.

Propane is produced from petroleum products.
  1. Find the gas line connecting your stove to the inlet in the wall. The line is attached to the back of your stove and runs to the gas supply of your house.

  2. Follow the gas supply outside and find where they terminate. This means the point where the supply lines run to on your property.

  3. Look for a metal gas canister somewhere at point of termination of the supply line. These canisters look like the tanks used on gas barbecue stations.

  4. Find the gas cylinder and you will know that you have propane running to the stove. If you see a connection to the main gas line belonging to your local town or city, you will know that you have natural gas.