How to Make a Bullnose Edge on Porcelain Tile

Adding a bullnose edge to porcelain tile means adding a smooth and rounded edge to the tile. This causes the tile to be aesthetically pleasing and protects it from cracking or chipping. Bullnose tiles are often used as a trim tile that edges the tiles in the center of a project. You will need a kit with a wet polisher/grinder with a diamond wheel and diamond polishing pads to grind and polish dense porcelain tiles.

Bullnose edges soften the look of porcelain.
  1. Clamp the porcelain tiles to your work bench. Screw the diamond profile wheel onto the grinder. Turn on the grinder to start the water supply. Adjust the grinder to the highest speed.

  2. Begin shaping a bullnose edge by pressing the grinder firmly onto the tile. Move the grinder slowly upward to the edge of the tile. Apply pressure as needed as you continue rounding the edge of the tile to give it the desired shape.

  3. Attach the backing pad onto the grinder. Begin polishing each tile with a 50-grit polishing pad, adjusting it to a low speed. To get the best shine, continue using the grit pads to polish the tiles until you have used all of the pads in the kit.

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