A Coin is Stuck in My Washer

Coin washers are often inconvenient since most of them will only accept quarters, requiring you to have the proper change handy prior to running a load unless a change machine is on the premises. In addition to this frustration, the washing machine will sometimes have trouble registering a particular coin and may spit it out through the coin return, or the coin can become stuck in the coin slot. Because a coin stuck in the washer can prevent the machine from operating entirely, the coin should be removed as soon as possible.

A stuck coin can completely disrupt a washing machine.

Step 1

Push the coin return button. This will frequently cause a stuck coin to fall out of the chute and come back out through the coin return.

Step 2

Insert tweezers into the coin slot and maneuver them to see if you can grasp the coin that is lodged inside and pull it out.

Step 3

Knock on the area around the coin slot with your hand. The vibrations will sometimes be enough to loosen the stuck coin. Don't strike the machine too hard, though, to avoid damaging it or your hand.

Step 4

Drop another coin into the slot. Sometimes a second coin falling will dislodge the first one.

Step 5

Acquire the key for the coin box from the owner of the machine or proprietor of the establishment where you are doing laundry. Opening the coin box can cause the stuck coin to become dislodged.

Step 6

Call a service technician if the coin is still not coming out. This should only be done if you are the owner of the machine, since service calls typically cost several hundred dollars.