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My Kenmore Dryer Makes a Rattling Sound

Christie Gross

Although troubling, hearing a rattling sound from your dryer is not entirely unusual. A variety of reasons may account for why a dryer might rattle, and most aren't limited to Kenmore clothes dryers specifically. If you hear a rattling sound from your dryer, turn it off and inspect it before starting it again. In most cases, noises can be traced to their source, so you can address the problem quickly.

Loose Objects in the Drum

If you hear a rattling sound when your Kenmore dryer's drum is tumbling, something loose inside might be causing it. Remove the clothes, and feel inside the drum with your hand for coins, keys or screws that might have fallen from pockets or come off the dryer, which might be hitting against the drum's metal walls as it turns. Take out the items. If you find screws, see that the thermostat inside the drum didn't lose one of its screws that hold it in place. Replace the screw if needed.

Deteriorating Glider Seals

Gliders are nylon or plastic seals that cover the drum's edges on a Kenmore dryer. They support the drum and prevent it from rubbing on the cabinet when it revolves. Over time, glider seals can wear and cause the drum to lose its ability to rotate smoothly. When it spins, it can vibrate slightly in the cabinet, which sometimes produces a rattle noise. Evaluate each glider's condition, and replace the pair of them if they're damaged.

Defective Ball Bearing

A number of Kenmore dryers have ball bearings or rear drum bearings that support the drum at its center with the help of a spindle. The component permits the drum to rotate in a consistent circular motion. It the ball bearing wears, it can produce any number of strange sounds, including a rattle. Unfortunately, you can't lubricate a rattling ball bearing to stop the noise; you must replace it. Contact a dryer repair technician who's familiar with Kenmore dryers to repair it.

Faulty Motor Bearing

Your Kenmore dryer has a motor that turns the belt, which enables the drum to tumble. It's held in position with the aid of bearings or support apprentices that also permit it to propel the belt in an even motion. Depending on your model, they're likely ball-and-socket or shaft-in-sleeve support components. If one of them breaks, you'll likely hear the motor rattle in the cabinet as the remaining unbroken bearings try to steady the motor so it can continue to perform. Consult a dryer repair technician to assess the motor and replace a defective bearing if necessary.