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How to Grease the Bearings on a Maytag Dryer

Bonnie Conrad

If you hear a squeaking or squealing noise coming from your Maytag dryer when you run a load of laundry through it, chances are the bearings in the drum need lubrication. Without the right lubrication, the bearings in the drum rub against the metal, creating a terrible noise and possibly damaging the dryer as well. Greasing those bearings should restore the normal quiet operation you have come to expect from your Maytag clothes dryer.

Listen for strange noises when you run your dryer.

Step 1

Pull the Maytag dryer as far away from the wall as you can, and unplug it from the electrical outlet. Never attempt to do any repairs or maintenance while the dryer is still connected to the outlet.

Step 2

Remove the screws at the bottom of the dryer, then pull the front panel away from the appliance. Find the clips on the top of the dryer that hold the rest of the front panel in place, and unclip them. Slip a putty knife or flat-head screwdriver between the clips and the panel if they do not disengage on their own.

Step 3

Locate the dryer drum, and look on the right-hand side to find the motor. Run your hand along the belt running the motor until you feel a small wheel. Grease the bearings on the top and bottom of the wheel shaft with 30-weight oil. Wipe away any excess oil with a clean rag.

Step 4

Turn the wheel, and listen for squeaks. Apply a few drops of oil to the shaft inside the drum if you still hear a noise. Use a clean rag to catch and wipe up any excess oil that drips from the shaft.

Step 5

Slide the front panel of the Maytag dryer back onto the clips to engage them, then screw the bottom screws back in to secure the panel. Reconnect the dryer, and run a load of laundry through to ensure that it is running properly and without excess noise.