How to Transport Glass Picture Frame Sheets by Air

Moving can be a trial to keep your valuables and priceless pictures intact. Picture frames with glass can be the hardest of household goods to move safely without breaking. There are several ways to accomplish this when traveling by air from hand carrying them in your carry-on luggage to stowing the pictures in a checked bag with bubble wrap.

Bubble wrap is necessary to protect your valuables in transit.
  1. Cut the foam wrap to cover the front glass and the back of the frame.

  2. Wrap the bubble wrap around one time over the foam wrap, cut it and tape it together.

  3. Wrap in the opposite direction on the frame and secure the seam with packing tape.

  4. Place a second layer of bubble wrap over the first layer and secure the entire bundle with packing tape on the seams to minimize movement.

  5. Place the wrapped frames in a duffel bag or hard-sided luggage, lined in bubble wrap, securing the pieces with more bubble wrap to the bag's capacity.

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