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How to Do Epoxy Repair of Air Conditioner Condenser Tubes

Neha Tripathi

Air conditioner condenser tubes are generally made of copper alloy and are susceptible to wear and tear at joints or turns. Significantly high and low temperatures produce tension in the tube metal, resulting in cracks and ruptures. Apart from welding, epoxy is a durable, economical and easy repairing solution. Metal-based epoxies are available that retain adhesiveness even at 1000° F. These epoxies are available as single-part or two-part epoxy . Single-part epoxy is ready-made glue, while the other has an adhesive and a hardener to be mixed in the correct proportion to make an effective glue.

  1. Spread a drop cloth or newspapers over the entire working area. If dropped on the floor, epoxy will be hard to remove after hardening.

  2. Put on the safety glasses and the rubber gloves. Ensure proper ventilation in the workspace

  3. Abrade the damaged surface of the tube with a 60-grit sandpaper or an abrasive pad for half a minute. A scrubbed surface enables better adhesion.

  4. Cut the fiberglass tape to appropriate size to be wrapped at least twice around the joint. This tape will add strength and prevent leakage.

  5. Mix the metal epoxy adhesive and the hardener in equal proportions thoroughly in a plastic mixing container with a wooden mixing stick. If a single part epoxy is used, it can be applied directly.

  6. Apply a coat of the prepared epoxy glue on the surface with a paintbrush. Make sure the metal epoxy resin covers an area almost twice that of the damaged tube.

  7. Wrap the fiberglass tape on the sticky surface at least twice.

  8. Apply a second coat of the epoxy glue on the fiberglass tape with the paintbrush. Try to give a smooth finish. Ensure complete coating of the surface.

  9. Place the tube gently on a surface. Do not put any pressure on the joint. Leave the tube overnight for hardening of the epoxy.

  10. Scrub the epoxy surface gently, to level it with the tube surface.