How to Rebuild a Pacer Pump

Justin A. Mann

The Pacer brand of industrial and consumer pumps move water or other liquids through plumbing or drainage systems. The most common variety of Pacer pump uses a spinning impeller to move liquids through centrifugal force. Rebuilding a Pacer pump involves replacing the impeller found on the motor shaft, as well as replacing the mechanical seal found behind the impeller. A damaged impeller lessens water pressure and causes damage to the pump and a leaking seal allows water into the motor which damages the pump.

Pump water and other liquids with a rebuilt Pacer pump.
  1. Unscrew any plumbing connected to the Pacer pump. Unplug the pump from the breaker or wall outlet. Pull the pump away from the plumbing for easier access.

  2. Unscrew the bolts on the larger end of the pump near the plumbing outlets with a wrench. Pull the bolts out and pull the larger end away from the rest of the pump to reveal the motor shaft.

  3. Lock the wrench onto the Pacer pump's shaft, behind the large disk, or impeller. Hold the wrench still and unscrew the impeller off the threads set into the shaft. Take the impeller off the shaft once it leaves the threads.

  4. Remove the wrench and slide the small mechanical seal away from the back of the shaft until it leaves the shaft. If the seal refuses to move easily, lubricate the shaft with water. Do not use any lubricant other than water or the shaft can become damaged.

  5. Thread a new mechanical seal onto the motor shaft. Slide it down the shaft until it sets just behind the threads. Avoid directly contacting the mechanical seal's front portion, or face. Touching the face of the mechanical seal leaves body oils on its surface that prevents a proper seal.

  6. Place a new impeller on the Pacer pump shaft and move it to the threads on the shaft. Lock the wrench on the shaft and hold it while screwing the impeller onto the threads.

  7. Bolt the motor shaft portion of the pump to the previously removed section with the bolts and wrench. Connect the Pacer pump to the plumbing system and plug the pump into the breaker or wall outlet.