How to Protect Fabric From Sun Damage With Silicone

Fabric protectants are common; they're found on most upholstered furniture, outdoor fabrics and even children's pajamas. There are different types of protectants, some of which are intended for water repellency, others for protection against combustion, and still others for protection against oil and dust accumulation and ultraviolet radiation. Silicone-based protectants are primarily focused toward water repellency, but some silicone protectants also incorporate strong UV protectants. These are particularly for use on fabrics used outdoors.

Outdoor fabrics can be treated with a fabric protectant that guards against sunlight damage.
  1. Launder your outdoor fabric if it has become soiled, stained or otherwise dirty. Use a standard laundry detergent and air-dry your fabrics.
  2. Place your fabrics on a clothesline on a non-windy day.
  3. Spray silicone fabric protectant with UV protection on the fabric. Hold the spray can 12 inches from the exterior or top side of the fabric surface and spray the surface evenly. Coat the entire fabric. Apply a second coat along surfaces where the fabric is pressed against the frame of a chair, umbrella or other support framework, as these areas tend to receive additional sunlight and exposure to weather. Allow the fabric to dry completely before reinstalling.

Things You Will Need

  • Laundry
  • Laundry soap
  • Silicone fabric protectant with UV protection


  • Treat your sun-exposed fabric after each laundering. Use the type of fabric protectant suggested for your fabric, its exposure to the elements and your needs.

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