Regalo Bed Rail Instructions

Bed rails prevent restless, rolling toddlers, who are too old or big for a crib, from falling out of a bed.

Constructing the Bed Rail

Bed rails prevent your toddler from rolling out of bed and getting hurt.Bed rails prevent your toddler from rolling out of bed and getting hurt.
The Regalo brand sells bed rails designed for adult beds to accommodate children between the ages of 2 and 5. The rails are easy to assemble and can be removed when not in use. The rails should come with a set of instructions when new, but if you have purchased them used, you can easily follow these instructions and soon have your toddler sleeping safe and sound.

Slide the unencumbered end of one of the upper rail tubes through the sleeve at the top of the mesh wall, bunching the material up like an accordion as you push the tube through. Keep bunching up the mesh until the end of the upper rail tube comes out the other side of the casing.

Press the locking button on the indented end of the other upper rail tube. Align the button with the hole on the first upper rail tube, then slide the indented end into the open end of the first rail tube until you see and hear the silver locking button pop through the hole. The plastic corners of the upper rail tubes should be on the outer edge of the mesh wall with the open ends pointed downward. Spread the mesh wall out along both rail tubes until it is fully stretched.

Slide one of the vertical tubes, which have a U-shaped bracket near the center, through the sleeves on one side of the mesh wall. The thinner, indented end should be pointing away from the upper rail tube when you do this. The button on the top of the vertical tube should be facing the mesh wall.

Align the locking button on the vertical tube and the hole on the plastic corner of the upper rail tube. Press the button and push the top of the vertical tube into the plastic corner until the button on the tube pops out the hole in the plastic corner, locking it in place. The bracket in the center of the vertical tube should be between the upper and lower side sleeves of the mesh wall. Repeat steps 3 and 4 with the second vertical tube.

Push down the button on one of the horizontal lower tubes with the indented ends. Align it with the hole in the end of one of the lower tubes with the wider end. Slide the indented end in until the button pops through the hole and locks it in place. Repeat this step with the other two horizontal lower tubes and set them aside.

Slide one of the connected lower tubes through the center sleeve of the mesh wall and insert the ends into the U-shaped brackets on the vertical tubes.

Slide the strap connecting one of the sets of L-shaped anchoring tubes underneath the mattress where the bed rail will be used, keeping the ends of the curved side of the tubes facing toward the ceiling. The tube end with the black cap should be on the side of the bed where you want the mesh wall and the bracket end should point toward the center of the mattress. Repeat this step with the other L-shaped tube set, making sure the tubes with the black caps are on the same side of the bed and the brackets are pointed toward each other. The tube sets should lie 43 inches apart from each other and lie as close as possible to the center of the mattress.

Tighten the straps on each tube set using the buckle on the end with the black cap until the tubes on both sides just touch the mattress. Do not over tighten. Push the black caps off the tubes where you want the mesh wall to stand.

Lay the mesh wall and connected frame on the bed right side up. Align the buttons on the side tubes of the mesh wall frame with the holes in the L-shaped tubes from which you just removed the black caps. Push in the button on the bottom of one of the side tubes with your thumb and insert it into the L-shaped tube protruding from the bed until the button clicks in place, locking the tubes together. Repeat with the other side wall tube.

Slide the remaining horizontal tube into the lowest sleeve in the mesh wall and insert the ends into the brackets on the L-shaped tubes.

Tighten the straps on the L-shaped tubes until there is no gap between the mesh wall and the mattress.

Things You Will Need

  • 2 upper rail tubes with plastic caps
  • 2 vertical tubes with brackets
  • 4 horizontal tubes
  • 2 sets of "L" shaped tubes connected by straps
  • Side mesh wall


  • The bed rail should be at least nine inches from both the headboard and footboard of the bed to prevent your child from getting stuck between the mesh wall and head or footboard.
  • Make sure the straps on the anchoring tubes are not twisted when you place them under the mattress. They should lie flat underneath the mattress and on top of the box spring.


  • Bed rails should only be used if your child can get in and out of bed by themselves. They should never be used in place of a crib.
  • The bed rail should only be used with an adult-sized bed, never a child-sized or toddler bed.
  • The bed rail should never be used with a water bed, inflatable mattress or bunk bed.
  • To prevent your child from falling between the mattress and the bed rail, keep the bed rail pushed up against the side of the mattress when in use.


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