How to Glue Stones in a Pond

Sara Bailey

Decorative ponds are used with home and corporate landscaping and add the beauty of waterworks to any structure's property. The lining of the ponds can be made of plastic or fabric, but many more owners are including stonework to enhance the pond's rustic appearance. Gluing the stones in place is like putting together a large jigsaw puzzle, and while stones are not uniform in shape and size, they can be cut to fit each opening on the bottom and sides of the pond.

Adding a stone lining will add durability to your pond.

Step 1

Lay the pond's liner over the pond, making sure that you have enough liner. The liner should drape over the pond and you should have enough fabric to lay over the sides of the pond.

Step 2

Cut or break stones to fit using a wet saw or by slowly chipping small pieces off of the edge of the stone using a hammer.

Step 3

Lay the stone pieces flat onto the inner lining of the pond. Fit each stone together like a puzzle. Continue to do this until the base and walls are stacked with stones.

Step 4

Pick up each stone one at a time and apply silicone caulk on the underside. Push the caulked stone back onto the liner where you just removed it. Continue with each stone.

Step 5

Squirt caulk in between each stone and push small gravel pieces into the caulk until the cracks fill up. The gravel stones will help mask the cracks and protect the liner from tears.