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How to Anchor a 2 X 4 to Sheetrock

Damien Richard

Anchoring a 2-by-4 to drywall gives a basis for supporting heavier built-in furniture such as a bookcase. It should be done with care to ensure what is being built out is solidly attached to the wall. If the 2-by-4 is not properly anchored the item attached to it may not be sturdy, or remain level and plumb.

Instructions on Anchoring a 2-by-4 to Drywall

Ensure the 2-by- 4 chosen is perfectly straight with no warping.
  1. Use the stud finder to locate the stud closest to where the 2-by-4 will be attached to the drywall.

  2. Mark the location of the stud with the pencil. Marks should be made on the drywall approximately where each end of the 2-by-4 will be once anchored.

  3. Line the 2-by-4 up with the marks on the wall. Use the drill to put in a single screw in one end of the 2-by-4.

  4. Use the level to ensure the 2-by-4 is straight before putting a second screw in lumber approximately two feet down from the first screw.

  5. Drive in one screw every two feet until the end of the board is reached. Use the level to ensure the 2-by-4 has not moved.