How to Wash Nylon

Fabrics made with nylon often require special washing needs. While many nylon clothing items can survive cycles in the washing machine, the synthetic fabric might not emerge from the ordeal in the same condition in which it entered. Taking precautions, such as using gentler washing cycles and lower temperatures, help maintain the integrity of the garment. Always read the instructions on the tag before assuming that the item is fit for machine washing, as the manufacturer's recommendations might keep the garment from possibly getting ruined.

Nylon materials require warm water cycles and low drying temperatures.
  1. Wash nylon with like colors. Do not mix light-colored nylons with any dark materials.

  2. Place nylon lingerie in a mesh laundry bag to keep it protected during the cycle. Turn larger nylon items inside out to protect the color as much as possible.

  3. Set the washer settings. Use a delicate or permanent press cycle, if available. If these are not an option, choose a cycle with the most gentle spin or shortest wash time. Wash in warm water.

  4. Remove the nylon garments as soon as the wash cycle finishes to avoid wrinkling.

  5. Keep small nylon garments in a mesh bag, and place them in the dryer on the "tumble dry low" setting for a cool drying temperature. Remove the garments as soon as the cycle finishes to avoid misshaped clothing and wrinkles. If you do not wish to dry the item in the dryer, hang the items on a line or lay them out on a flat surface to dry.


  • Never clean nylon materials in hot water or dry them in a hot dryer. Too much heat can cause them to lose shape, shrink or even melt.

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