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How to Convert Double Doors Into Sliding Doors

Steve Smith

Many homeowners have double doors in a closet, laundry area or leading into another room. These doors open with an arc and may bang against furniture and take up too much room. Installing a sliding doors in these areas saves space and allows you to do more with your room. Converting from a double door to a sliding door requires the removal of the old doors and installation of the new sliding doors.

Step 1

Remove the old doors by opening them up and unscrewing the hinges from the door jamb with a screwdriver. Take off both doors with the help of a partner. Someone holds the doors while the other unscrews the hinges with a power screwdriver.

Step 2

Measure the width and height of the opening. Buy a pair of sliding closet doors that fits this measured area. Use a tape measure to take the measurements and be sure to write them down.

Step 3

Find the center of the top door jamb by measuring the width of the jamb with a tape measure and making a mark at the halfway point. Do this on both sides of the top door jamb.

Step 4

Mount the sliding door track to the top door jamb at these marks. Screw the track in place with the screws included with the door kit.

Step 5

Hold the top of a plumb bob, a metal weight on a string, in the center of the track. Make a dark mark on the floor at the point of the weight with a marker. This will help make the doors straight and plumb.

Step 6

Mount the sliding door guides in the floor on your marks. These guides prevent the bottom of the doors from swinging out or in too far. The hardware and guides come with your sliding doors.

Step 7

Install the sliding doors by lifting them up one at a time and inserting the top rollers into the track and feeding the bottom through the guides on the floor. One door goes in the front track, the other in the rear track. The top rollers are set right into the track.