How to Use Cedar for Closets to Repel Moths

It's not uncommon to find moths in your closet. They are a nuisance, often eating holes in your clothes and other items. Although moth balls repel moths, they produce a foul odor and contain toxic ingredients. Use cedar in your closet for a natural way to repel moths. Your closet will be moth-free and smell good, too.

The scent of cedar helps to keep moths out of your closet.
  1. Fill a few muslin bags with cedar chips or shavings. Secure the top of the bag closed. Some bags have a drawstring attached. If not, use a twist tie or similar fastener. Put the bags in the corners of your closet.

  2. Put a few drops of aromatic cedar oil onto an absorbent cloth to further help in repelling moths. Place the cloth into a bowl and set it in your closet.

  3. Replace the cedar chips and/or oiled cloth when the scent begins to fade.


  • Avoid letting the oil-soaked cloth come into contact with your clothes. The oil may transfer and leave a stain.
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