How to Renew Wood Paneling

Alexander Callos

Many older homes have wood paneling on their walls. Over time, this wooden paneling can become worn or faded. No matter if the surface of the paneling is oak, pine or another type of wood, the paneling will eventually begin to lose its color. The paneling color and look of your wood molding can be brought back to life by following a few simple instructions.

Wood paneling is even used as a door.
  1. Remove all nails, hooks and other obstructions from old wood paneling. Wipe down all of the paneling with a clean rag. Run the rag in a circular motion over the entire surface of the paneling. Wet the rag with water if necessary. Scrub the small grooves where dirt can get trapped.

  2. Place plastic sheets to cover the floor or carpet in the area.

  3. Fill a mop bucket with warm water and add half a cup of oil soap. Dip a mop into the bucket and wet it. Wring it out.

  4. Spread the mop out over the paneling in a sweeping motion. Move back and forth over the entire surface of the paneling and get the mop wet when necessary. Replace the water and refill the bucket if it gets dirty. Wipe away any excess water and spillage with a clean cloth.

  5. Dry the walls completely with clean cloths. Inspect the area and make sure there is no debris or other dirt left on the wall. Look for mop streaks and wipe them away if they are visible.

  6. Pour lemon oil on a sponge and apply it generously to the wood paneling. Apply it in a circular motion over the entire surface. Cover the area slowly and press down firmly on the sponge. Add more oil when necessary. Rehang everything from the wall after the lemon oil has had one hour to dry.