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How to Clean Bruce Hardwood Flooring

M.A. Koch

Engineered, prefinished hardwood floors, like those from Bruce, are an easy way to add warmth and natural beauty to any home. Just like any other hardwood floor, an engineered, prefinished floor needs proper care and maintenance to keep it looking good. Cleaning a Bruce hardwood floor is a matter of applying a few common cleaning techniques, but the reward is a lifetime of beauty.

Cleaning a engineered, prefinished hardwood floor keeps it beautiful.
  1. Use a vacuum, broom or dust mop once a week or more to pick up dust and dirt. Make sure the bristles on the broom and vacuum attachment are soft to avoid scratching the wood's surface.

  2. Pick up spills and tracked-in dirt immediately with a soft cloth and the recommended cleaner. Excess liquid can seep into the cracks between planks and cause the fibers in the wood to swell. Ground-in dirt and debris causes scratches and abrasion to the floor.

  3. Clean the entire floor periodically with a recommended cleaning product. Do not let a liquid stand on the floor for too long.

  4. Avoid harsh chemical cleaners like ammonia, bleach or harsh detergents. These cleaners are harmful to the floor's finish. Even vinegar and oil soaps can damage the finish. Unlike traditional hardwood floors, prefinished floors do not need polishes or waxes.

  5. Use touch-up kits and special finishing products from the manufacturer to repair scratches and abrasions on the floor.