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How to Treat Cedar Woodwork in a Sauna

Kimberlee Leonard

Saunas are wonderful additions to your home or deck. If you are building your sauna yourself, you select the right type of wood and finish it properly so your sauna is safe. Heartwood from redwood and cedar trees is the best type of wood for a sauna. When finishing your sauna, you may want to treat high-contact areas that will be touched frequently.

  1. Determine the woodwork you will want to treat. It is best to leave the walls and ceiling unfinished. This helps prevent decay in the walls and promote the arid quality desired of the sauna. Doors, floors and seats are most often treated to help prevent dirt and oil residue from contact.

  2. Pour linseed oil, or brand finish, into the bucket. The best brands are Tongue and Danish, according to Art at AlmostHeaven.net. If you are buying other brands, be sure they are non-toxic.

  3. Apply two to three thin layers of the oil to the woodwork.

  4. Heat the sauna so the oil will dry.