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How to Kill Bugs With Eugenia Tree Oil

Juniper Russo

Dozens of beneficial trees and shrubs comprise the Eugenia genus. Among these are several species of clove, a plant noted for its intensely aromatic fruits. Oils extracted from Eugenia trees' leaves, fruits and flowers may possess insecticidal properties, so they are sometimes recommended as a natural, sustainable alternative to harsh synthetic pesticides. If you have a medical condition such as asthma or liver disease, consult a physician before using any insecticide.

The Eugenia genus includes fragrant plants such as clove.
  1. Mix one quarter teaspoon of clove or Eugenia tree oil with one half cup of water. Massage this mixture into your scalp to fight head lice. According to a 2003 study published in the "Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry," compounds in the cloves and leaves of Eugenia caryophyllata can destroy males, females and eggs of the species responsible for head lice.

  2. Dilute two tablespoons of clove or Eugenia tree oil in four cups of water. Shake the mixture in a spray bottle.

  3. Spray household pests directly with the Eugenia tree oil mixture if you see them. If an area in your home, such as a pantry or cabinet, is infested, you can spray the mixture generously to kill pests, their eggs and their larvae.

  4. Mix one tablespoon of clove or Eugenia oil with one quarter cup of olive oil. Using a clean paintbrush, apply the oil blend in front of your doors, vents, windows or other areas that attract pests. Eugenol, the primary active ingredient, may repel insects and arachnids that attempt to enter your home.