Essential Oils for Mice Trapping

Stephanie Cai

If you prefer a natural approach to getting rid of mice, looking into different essential oils may be an option for you. These oils repel mice away from your home. Mice have a keen sense of smell that protects them from consuming harmful foods or going into dangerous areas.

Repel these tiny pests away from your home and food by using certain oils.

If the mice smell the scent of the oil, they will be more likely to avoid your home. Make sure to clean and disinfect the area before you place the oils to ensure the removal of bacteria.

Peppermint Oil

Purchase 100 percent pure peppermint oil from your local health food store or supermarket. Soak a cotton ball thoroughly with the peppermint oil and place it in an area where mice frequent. Do this to all areas that you think might be prone to mice. This can mean cracks near doors, windows, pipe and drain entrances and kitchen cabinets. Replace the cotton balls every three weeks or earlier if you notice that the peppermint smell has dissipated.

Cassia Oil

Cassia oil is a hotter version of cinnamon found in Asia. If you find that peppermint oil is hard to come by in your local health food store, look for this oil as an alternative option. Soak cotton balls with the cassia oil and place them in areas where the mice frequent. For further coverage, wet a rag with cassia oil and wipe down the area you saw mice or their droppings. Wipe your counter as well to keep them from climbing toward food. Repeat this process when the smell dissipates.

Cinnamon Oil

Cinnamon oil is similar to cassia oil and may be easier to find. Make sure that the oil is pure 100 percent cinnamon oil. Rodents do not enjoy the smell of strong spices as it is overpowering to their keen sense of smell. Put oil-soaked cotton balls in the areas where the mice frequent. Wipe a rag soaked with the cinnamon oil in your cupboards or drawers. Do this every three weeks.

Plant Based-Repellent

If you find that these oils are not working to repel mice from your home but do not want to resort to poisons or traps, try a plant-based rodent repellent. These repellents are made of essential oils from fir needle trees, Spanish rosemary, lavender, fir, cedar wood, eucalyptus and patchouli. They are non-toxic and safe for your pets and children and effective if used properly. The plant-based repellents can also act as an air freshener while repelling mice away from your home.