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How to Get Rid of Fleas Using Rosemary Oil

Tina Amo

Fleas are tiny, yet they cause health problems for both pets and humans. Commercial anti-flea products may be effective, but most of them contain chemicals that cause discomfort for pets. There are natural substances that can control fleas effectively, such as rosemary oil. The scent overpowers the fleas and keeps them away. Rosemary essential oil is available from department and aromatherapy stores.

  1. Pour three drops of rosemary oil and six drops of lavender oil into a bottle or container holding a quart of water. Mix thoroughly.

  2. Prepare vinegar water in a separate container. Mix a quarter cup of cider vinegar with a gallon of water.

  3. Bathe your dog with the rosemary-and-lavender mixture. Prevent the mixture from getting into your dog's eyes.

  4. Rinse your pet with the vinegar mixture. The fleas fall off your dog as you rinse.

  5. Prevent fleas from returning to your home. PlanetRockwall.com recommends soaking cotton balls in rosemary oil and placing them in the corners of the rooms in your home. Also place some in the areas where your pet rests and plays. Put a few drops of the oil on your dog's collar to keep the fleas off.