How to Kill Morgellons With Olive Leaf Extract

Morgellons is a condition characterized by crawling, biting, and stinging sensations on or within the skin. According to the Morgellons Research Foundation, little is known about the cause of this disease, however, it is thought that skin immunity is alarmingly deficient, allowing animal or plant parasites to live in human skin. Olive leaf extract may aid in treating and killing Morgellons, or that which causes the syndrome.

Olive leaf extract may help fight off Morgellons.
  1. Decide how you would like to take olive leaf extract. It is commonly found in capsule, tea and elixir forms.

  2. Purchase olive leaf extract 500 mg capsules, elixir, or tea. All forms are available from herbal stores online as well as homeopathic stores and health food stores.

  3. Take olive leaf extract in capsule form. Dosage is two 500 mg capsules, three to four times a day with meals.

  4. Prepare a long-steep hot brew of olive leaf extract tea, and drink two to three cups a day.

  5. Ingest 5 ml, or one tsp., of olive leaf extract three times a day with meals.


  • Do not take all forms of olive leaf extract at once. Choose which works best for you, and stick to that regimen.
  • It is not recommended that you take the elixir on an empty stomach; it may cause nausea.
  • You may experience extreme fatigue when starting this form of therapy.