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How to Fix Cracked Laminate

Edriaan Koening

Laminate countertops sometimes crack over time. Changing out a laminate countertop can be costly and time-consuming. It also means that you won't be able to use the countertop for a while. If your laminate countertop has only a small crack, you can easily repair it by filling it with a special compound. You can get this product at home improvement stores for less than $20. This project takes only a few minutes and allows you to immediately use your countertop.

Fixing cracks in laminate costs less than replacing the entire countertop.
  1. Use the tip of a utility knife to remove any debris in the crack. Debris can disturb the appearance of the laminate countertop after the repair.

  2. Clean the crack with a special solvent that comes with your laminate filler product. The solvent removes small debris in the crack and prepares it for the filler.

  3. Mix the laminate filler product according to the manufacturer's instructions, if necessary. Squeeze the product onto a scrap piece of laminate or a sample laminate chip and work it with a putty knife until it thickens.

  4. Scoop some of the mixed laminate filler with a putty knife and press the filler compound into the crack.

  5. Dampen a rag with the cleaner solvent and wipe off the excess filler compound from the laminate countertop to produce a smooth surface.