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How to Repair Cracked Limestone

Owen E. Richason IV

Limestone provides many uses in residential homes, from foundations to floor tiles. Limestone has a natural stone look and can add aesthetic value to a home. Unfortunately, like any other stone, it can crack. When a crack occurs, you can either replace or repair the limestone. The latter should be the first step to try to salvage the damaged limestone. Proper repairs should last for the life of the stone.

You can fill and repair a crack in limestone.
  1. Put on gloves and a dust mask. Pour some acetone onto the crack in the limestone and scrub gently with a brush to remove any grime or dirt. Rinse with water and let dry.

  2. Spread epoxy adhesive over the crack and push the two pieces together. Latch a clamp around each piece to hold them together, if possible. If not possible, hold together by hand.

  3. Wipe away any excess epoxy with a rag. Let the epoxy adhesive dry according to the manufacturer's suggested drying time.

  4. Clean the limestone with water and dish soap once you fill the crack. Buff to shine with a microfiber cloth.