How to Kill a Bed Bug Nest

Bed bugs are a small, brown, flat parasite that feeds on the blood of people and animals.

Make sure the pesticide you use is intended for treatment of bed bugsMake sure the pesticide you use is intended for treatment of bed bugs
They were common in the early 1900's but were nearly eradicated during the 40's and 50's when DDT use was at its peak. In the 21st century bed bugs re-emerged, showing up in department stores, movie theaters, hotels and homes in America's major cities. They hide in the seams and crevices of furniture and can be hard to kill after an infestation is established. Repetitive and through treatment is key to getting rid of bed bugs.

Vacuum nesting areas. This will remove bed bugs at any life stage, and loose fecal matter on mattresses or other furniture. Vacuuming alone is not a solution, but it can be helpful in minimizing a severe infestation.

Treat objects which cannot be washed, like furniture and mattresses, with an insecticide intended for use in treating bed bug infestations. Pesticides intended for use with ants and cockroaches will not be effective.

Wash bedding, toys and other objects which can be submerged in water. This is especially important if they were in or near the bed bug nest. Objects should be washed in water warmer than 120 degrees.

Place items which cannot be washed, like dry clean only textiles or plush toys with electronic parts, in the clothes dryer on high heat, over 160 degrees for 20 minutes.

Seal electronics like phones, laptops and alarm clocks into a plastic bag for five to seven days. Put insecticide strips in the bag to attract and eliminate bugs.


  • If there are holes in the fabric of infested furniture, there may be nests on the inside, as well as the outside. The effected furniture can be hard to treat and should be discarded and replaced.

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