How to Move Lawn Sod

Sod comprises the grass, root system and the top soil the root system grows in.

Cutting sod is quicker than reseeding a yard.Cutting sod is quicker than reseeding a yard.
When you need to excavate the ground, the best thing to do is remove the sod and move it, so you can place the sod back over the area once you fill in the hole. This prevents the need to replace top soil and reseed the ground with grass. The process of removing and moving the sod will add time to your task but the result is worth the extra few minutes.

Place the tip of the your flat shovel on the ground where you want to start cutting the sod. Hold the shovel vertical and push the shovel straight down into the earth approximately 2 inches with your foot.

Lift the shovel out of the sod, place the shovel next to the first cut and push the shovel into the ground 2 inches. Repeat this process until you create a rectangular outline, approximately 2 feet by 3 feet. Sod increases in weight the larger you create your outline. Keep the outline to a manageable size so you can roll and remove the sod.

Slide the flat shovel under the sod to cut the root system and to create separation between the sod and the dirt under the top soil. Repeat this until the entire outline you cut separates from the ground.

Roll the sod up lengthwise in a loose roll. A tight roll will break the sod.

Lift the sod up and place it on a tarp or in a wheelbarrow so you can wheel it to a remote location.

Things You Will Need

  • Flat shovel
  • Wheelbarrow