How to Lock a Jobox Box

The Jobox is a toolbox brand manufactured by Delta Consolidated Industries, Ltd.

There are several different designs, some for use in trucks, others for use in garages, sheds or workshops. All Jobox toolboxes feature a key lock that protects your valuable tools in the event of an attempted break-in. Locking your Jobox lock helps ensure your property is well-protected and, in some cases, covered by insurance. The lock opens and closes using the keys supplied with the Jobox. .

Close your Jobox lid, making sure all tools and materials are stowed safely within the storage containers. Objects hanging over the edge cause problems closing the lid.

Insert the key grooved side down in the lock and turn it clockwise. The lock engages.

Try lifting the lid of your Jobox. The lock is correctly engaged if you can't open the toolbox.