How to Make a Homemade Lampshade

Of course, the sole purpose of a lamp is to illuminate a room.

Lampshades can be easily made in your home.Lampshades can be easily made in your home.
However, that is not what makes it a good lamp. A good lamp has a wonderfully designed lampshade that will appeal both during the day, when the lamp is off, and during the night, when the lamp is on. You can make yourself a good lampshade simply by decorating an already-made lampshade. The process of making the lampshade is simpler than designing the exterior and may take a few hours.

Wrap paper or fabric around a plain white lampshade. Make sure the paper or fabric is inside out. Fold the top and bottom into the interior of the lampshade and mark the top and bottom edges with a marker. A good way to do this would be to mark the edges with the side of the marker, as it has a greater area. Mark one more line, around 1/2 inch past the point where the paper or fabric starts overlapping itself.

Place the paper or fabric on a table and draw another line. This line will be 1/2 inch outside of the top line. Draw one more line, this one 1/2 inch outside of the bottom line. The 1/2-inch allowance is for folding in. Leave the line that marks the point of overlap.

Cut the paper or fabric along the new lines made in Step 2 and the seam line.

Spray the white lampshade with a thin layer of glue. Start wrapping your fabric or paper on to the white lampshade with the seam on your paper or fabric matching the seam on the original lampshade. Press down firmly from both the inside and the outside as your wrap the paper or fabric around the lampshade. Apply glue to the insides of the edges that are wide and extend outside of the lampshade. Fold the top and bottom edges in and press them firmly into the lampshade.

Things You Will Need

  • Glossy paper or fabric
  • Marker
  • Scissors
  • Spray glue
  • Plain white lampshade
  • Glue


  • Face the seam to the wall when placing your lamp, if possible.

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