How to Install Joist Hangers on Rafters

Rafters are boards made of dimensional lumber. They are 2-by-8, 2-by-10 or 2-by-12 depending on personal preference and are installed to help support roofs. Rafters come in many different lengths depending on the size of the roof. They connect ledgers and joists along the bottom of the roof to beams at the top. They are connected to these other two boards with joist hangers. These joist hangers keep the rafters and the roof intact. They can be installed in just a few simple steps.

Rafters are installed under all roofs.
  1. Line up the rafter on the ledger board. Set it down on top of the board and butt it up to the inside of the first ceiling joist running across the top of the ceiling.

  2. Nail the ceiling joist to the roof rafter. Hammer in three 16d nails through the ceiling joist and connect it to the roof rafter. Space out the nails equally.

  3. Slide a joist hanger under the rafter. The joist hanger size will vary depending on the width of the rafter you are using. Position the hanger under the rafter so the open end of the hanger is covering the rafter on either side.

  4. Hammer 16d nails through the holes in the joist hanger and into the ceiling joist. Insert two nails into the side of the rafter with the ceiling joist.

  5. Put one side of a hurricane tie on the bottom of the rafter and the other on the ledger board the rafter is sitting on. Nail the two together with the 16d nails. Insert a nail into each hole in the hurricane tie until the boards are secure in place together.

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