How to Drill Weep Holes in Walls

Many masonry walls consist of fascia bricks placed over a cement or plywood base. If water leaks in between the base and the fascia brick and has no exit point outside the home, it will leak inside. This can cause damage to drywall and other items in the home that will require expensive repairs. Weep holes drilled into the wall through the fascia brick will allow the water to flow outside where it will not cause damage to the home's interior.

  1. Inspect the fascia brick outside the home where you may be experiencing a problem with water. Many times the problem occurs over windows or patio doors. Unfortunately, sometimes the only way you know you have a problem is when you notice wet drywall or carpeting inside the home.

  2. Install a masonry bit into the chuck at the end of an electric drill. Size the bit to the weep tubes that you are using.

  3. Hold the trigger end of the drill in your dominant hand and place your other hand under the front of the drill just behind the chuck. Guide the drill into the mortar between the brick at a 90-degree angle to ensure the holes are straight. Drill to a depth that will accommodate the full length of the weep tubes. Space the holes about 18 inches apart the full length of the problem area.

  4. Insert the weep tubes into the holes by hand and then tap them gently with a hammer to make them flush to the brick.

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