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How to Remove the Smell of a Decaying Mouse From the House

Mary Ylisela

Sharing your home with mice is unpleasant, and extermination efforts sometimes result in dead mouse odor in your home. If the unpleasant and potent smell of a decaying mouse is wafting through your home, it's difficult to imagine waiting days or weeks for the natural decomposition process to finish so the smell will go away. After you remove the mouse carcass, proper steps and supplies can help you deodorize and remove the smell of the decaying mouse.

Mice in the house are unwelcome guests.
  1. Wear a face mask and rubber gloves to lessen the odor and prevent yourself from coming in contact with germs and bacteria while you remove the dead mouse. Wear old clothes that can be discarded to prevent the spread of germs.

  2. Scoop up the dead mouse with a hand shovel, and drop it into a trash bag. Seal the trash bag tightly to prevent odor from coming out. Dispose of the trash bag in a garbage can kept outdoors or away from the main living area of your house.

  3. Cover the site with activated charcoal. Mound the charcoal over the surface, and allow it to remain there for a few days to absorb the odor. Sweep up the activated charcoal, discard in the trash, and apply more if any odor remains.

  4. Open windows during the daytime to circulate fresh air throughout the house. Place electric fans near the windows to pull the smell out.

  5. Pour white vinegar into shallow bowls. Place one or two bowls in each room affected with decaying mouse odor. Leave the bowls of vinegar in the rooms to neutralize odor. Replenish the vinegar in the bowls as needed until the odor is gone.

  6. Place a few drops of essential oil on several cotton balls. Use oils such as vanilla, peppermint, or lavender to help get rid of odor. Tuck the cotton balls behind furniture or in other discreet locations. Replenish the fragrance every few days by adding a couple more drops of essential oil to each cotton ball. Be careful not to place the cotton balls on any surface that can be stained by oil.