How to Install Sherwin-Williams ArmorSeal Epoxy

Sherwin-Williams is a paint company that also makes products for industrial applications, such as its ArmorSeal polyurethane floor sealer. This floor sealer provides a thick, waterproof coating that protects the floor and makes it easier to clean. You can use this coating at schools, gyms, warehouses, labs, clean rooms and many other locations. ArmorSeal is suitable to use over wood, concrete and metal. Follow all product instructions and recommendations for best results.

ArmorSeal works on concrete and other hard flooring types.

Step 1

Clean the floor thoroughly with a mop and floor cleaner. Strip any coatings of wax or previous floor coatings with a wax stripper. Allow the stripper to sit on the floor for about 30 minutes, then wipe up the coating with the mop. Clean the floor one final time and allow it to dry overnight.

Step 2

Mix the ArmorSeal with a paint stirring stick until it is smooth. Pour the ArmorSeal into a paint tray. Roll the sealer onto the floor with a roller, starting from the back of the room and working toward an exit. Allow the coating to dry overnight.

Step 3

Apply a second and third coating of ArmorSeal to the floor, allowing each coating to dry overnight before applying the next coat. Allow the coating to dry for three days to completely cure.

Step 4

Clean the rollers and any other tools with Sherwin-Williams Aromatic 100, R2K5 paint cleaner and reducer after applying the floor coating. You can purchase this paint cleaner wherever Sherwin-Williams products are sold.

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