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Americast Sink Repair

Mason Howard

Americast sinks, manufactured by the American Standard Company, are made of steel reinforced material with a porcelain overlay. Comparable to cast iron, Americast is a viable, lightweight alternative. Like cast iron, however, the porcelain finish is susceptible to scratches and chips.

Fill blemishes in an Americast sink with porcelain filler and refinish patched and scratched areas using the recommended porcelain touch up paint, known as “Porc-a-fix.” Within the Porc-a-fix line is a series of touch-up paints formulated to match the various colors of Americast finishes.

  1. Clean the sink with water and bathroom cleaner.

  2. Wipe down the sink thoroughly with a rag dampened in acetone to remove soap film and any contaminants.

  3. Pick up a small amount of porcelain filler on the end of a plastic putty knife. Force filler into deep scratches and chips, leveling it off at the top. Leave the filler to cure for at least two hours.

  4. Smooth down the patched areas further by sanding them gently with 220-grit sandpaper. Wipe down the sink with a tack cloth to pick up dust left from sanding.

  5. Paint a thin coat of Porc-a-fix over the patched areas and on light scratches. Porc-a-fix comes with a small applicator brush. Wait until the Porc-a-fix is dry to the touch. Apply one to two additional coats, letting each coat dry before adding another. Allow the final coat to dry overnight before using the sink again.