How to Tie in Cinder Blocks to Other Structures

Cinder blocks are the basic foundation level for many different structures, ranging from flower beds and the foundations for homes to bathroom walls in commercial buildings. While it is best to incorporate block walls from the very start of a project, it is possible to add on cinder block walls to any type of structure or building. Once the cinder block wall has been tied into another structure, the durability of the blocks will leave your project lasting for years to come.

You can tie in cinder block to other structures.
  1. Determine the type of structure you will be anchoring your cinder block wall to and purchase the appropriate anchor bolts. Different bolts are used for different types of material, depending on if you are anchoring to wood, metal or another existing block wall.

  2. Measure out and purchase the rebar and the rebar ties for the project. The industry standard is one stick of rebar for every 4 feet, both vertically and horizontally, and one stick for every 8 inches of wall width. Purchase sufficient rebar ties depending on how many cross sections and anchor points you will have on your project. Add on 15 percent extra to account for waste.

  3. Drill into the existing building or structure and install your anchor bolts. You will want one anchor bolt for every 4 feet of height, and one anchor bolt on the horizon section (if applicable). Start at the bottom and lay a row of horizontal rebar. Attach it to the bottom vertical bolts and the anchor bolts on the horizontal section. Insert your vertical pieces every 4 feet and tie them in place as well.

  4. Install your first row of block and ensure the rebar is firmly locked in place with both concrete and the blocks. Work your way up four feet, installing your cinder block normally, with at least ½ inch of mortar between each block. Tap each block into place firmly with a mallet and check with a level to ensure the wall is plumb and level.

  5. Install another row of horizontal rebar and tie it to the vertical strips, as well as the anchor bolt. Continue working your way up the wall until you are finished, repeating the steps to ensure the wall remains plumb, level and tied into the rebar.


  • Always wear protective gear when working with power tools. Adding on a cinder block wall requires working knowledge of the tools and skills required by the trade.

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