How to Lay Tile on a Wood Deck

Although wood decks are naturally aesthetically appealing, weather exposure causes them to look dingy over time.

Tiles conceal blemishes on wood decks.
Deck tiles instantly improve an old or ugly wood deck's appearance and enhance overall curb appeal. Interlocking deck tiles are especially prevalent on decks because of the tiles' color and style variety. Unlike traditional grouted tiles, interlocking deck tiles are not permanently fixed to surfaces. Interlocking deck tiles are simple to remove and reinstall repeatedly. Lay interlocking tiles on a wood deck using basic installation techniques. .

Remove every object from the deck. Sweep the deck thoroughly with a broom before laying the tiles.

Multiply the deck's length and width to calculate the total area of the deck. Since a standard deck tile normally measures 1 square foot, the total area of the deck determines the quantity of tiles you need to cover the deck's surface.

Lay the first interlocking tile in a corner of the deck's surface. Position the second interlocking tiles directly adjacent to the first tile.

Press down on the second tile so its connecting tabs interlock with the first tile's tabs. These tabs are on all four sides of each tile.

Continue interlocking the tiles together until the entire deck is covered with tiles. Securely connect each side of each tile together -- except for the edge tiles, which each have one exposed side. Arrange the tiles in any pattern or design you wish.

Examine the deck for exposed spaces too small or awkward to fit whole tiles in. Measure the areas of these spaces to create custom tiles.

Cut the tiles to the dimensions of the exposed spaces, using a hand saw.

Lock the custom-sized tiles into place.

Things You Will Need

  • Broom
  • Measuring tape
  • Hand saw


  • Wear work gloves when cutting the tiles.


  • Use the handsaw with care and caution.

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