How Can I Reconnect a Power Meter?

The power meter, better known as the electric meter, tracks the amount of electricity consumed in a home. When you remove your electric meter to do electrical work on the main electric panel, you must reinstall the meter to restore power to the house. Failure to install the electric meter correctly will cause a total lack of power to your home. It also may put your home at risk for a fire. Fortunately, installing an electric meter is simple with the right tools and directions.

The main electrical panel houses your electric meter.

Step 1

Contact your power company and inform a representative that you will be removing and reinstalling your electric meter.

Step 2

Inspect the back of the electric meter and look at the teeth behind the meter. Ensure that the teeth on the meter peter line up with the slots on the main panel. Failure to line up the teeth correctly can cause a fire risk.

Step 3

Push the electric meter into the main panel until it is flush against the panel.

Step 4

Place the safety collar around the electric meter and secure it with the screwdriver.

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