How to Remove Gnats

The fungus gnat is the most common type of gnat. It is harmless, although it can be irksome. Drawn to fungus, these tiny little flies buzz around your ears causing a barely audible, high-pitched whine. Their life cycle is about four weeks, but a female gnat can lay up to 300 eggs on any kind of decaying surface, which means your home can be overwhelmed with them quickly. If you know about gnat prevention and arm yourself with a home remedy, you can have your gnat problem under control.


Rotting fruit attracts gnats.
  1. Remove rotting fruit or vegetables from your counters. Keep any fruit you buy in your refrigerator, if possible.

  2. Don't over-water your indoor plants as gnats enjoy buzzing around standing water.

  3. Take any indoor compost outdoors.


  1. Fill a jar halfway to three-fourths full with vinegar.

  2. Stretch plastic wrap over the mouth of the jar and secure it with a rubber band.

  3. Poke holes in the plastic with a toothpick through which the gnats can fly. The gnats are attracted to the vinegar and once in the jar will not be able to escape.

  4. Dispose of the vinegar and dead gnats after a few days. If gnats are still present, repeat the process.

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