How to Pull Out Weeds in a Lake

Submerged weeds are a common item found in many lakes and are often found near shore. These are important for the life of the lake and wildlife, but are a nuisance for humans when boating and swimming. Long weeds get trapped and wrapped around the prop on boat motors, and touching a stringy weed stem is a sure way to ruin an enjoyable soak. Pulling the weed completely is the best way to keep it away for several months, and can be done in a few different ways.

Weeds tend to grow together, making removal easier than if they were spread out.
  1. Reach down to the base of the weed and pull up firmly to dislodge the plant from the lake bottom. This is best for mostly shallow water and the longer reed-like weeds. The roots on most lake weeds don't go very deep, so it is easy to pull them free. Pull from as close to the lake bed as possible, to get the whole weed, including the roots. Remove and stack the pulled weeds onto a raft instead of letting them float away or sink to the bottom.

  2. Dive underwater wearing a mask and pull reed-like weeds in deeper water to get down near the lake bed. Remove weeds in this fashion, just as you would in shallower water, but do not leave them floating and remove them from the water.

  3. Drill a 1/4-inch hole through the end of the wooden handle of a long metal rake. Feed the end of a piece of twine or nylon line through the hole and tie it securely. Cut the line to a length of 20 feet and check that the line does not pull free of the handle.

  4. Throw the rake out into the water and let it settle to the bottom. Throw it so it lands with the points down; this may take some practice. Pull the line to retrieve the rake; it pulls the reed-like weeds and smaller weeds. Dispose of the weeds and repeat until satisfied.

  5. Purchase a special weed razor designed to cut the weeds lower to the lake bed. The razors have lines attached for throwing, like the rake, and are good for areas where removing most of the weed to avoid boat motor entanglements is more important than complete removal for swimming purposes.


  • Weed razors are very sharp edged tools. Use caution when throwing one into the water and retrieving it.
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