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How to Make a Bar From a Surfboard

Brandy Alexander

The iconic surfboard can easily be turned into a functional and attractive bar. Create an instant conversation piece if you no longer use your surfboard, live far from the sea or want to make a fun and interesting bar in your home. With a few tools and a little hardware, you can make a functional bar using an old or new surfboard.

Retired boards make great bars.

Step 1

Build the frame of your bar using 2x4s. Cut the vertical supports to the desired length, generally about 4 feet tall. You will need at least four of these. Then cut four 2x4 planks to 5 feet, and four others to 2 feet.

Step 2

Lay a vertical, 4-foot support on the floor. Screw the end of one 5-foot plank 12 inches from the end of the vertical support in a perpendicular orientation. Screw down another 5-foot support 12 inches from the other end parallel to the first support. Screw down the other ends of the two supports to a second vertical support. You should now have a frame that looks like an 'H' with two horizontal braces. Build a second one of these.

Step 3

Connect your two braces with the remaining four 2 foot supports. Screw these into the vertical supports just above or below where the 5 foot supports were attached. You should now have a free standing skeleton for your bar.

Step 4

Cover one side of the bar frame by screwing down a sheet of plywood 4 feet tall and 5 feet wide into the frame to hide storage under the bar or the bartender's legs.

Step 5

Lay the surf board on top of the bracing structure upside down and measure at least four mounting holes. These should correspond with the vertical 2x4s used in the frame. Remove the fins from the board if desired, as they will be pointing upwards and can be dangerous to those sitting at the bar.

Step 6

Drill out the marked anchor holes in the board and secure the board to the frame using mounting screws into the vertical supports. Plug the marked and drilled holes with some epoxy resin if you wish to hide the screw heads.