How to Assemble the Interlocking Grid Storage System

There are many brands of interlocking grid storage systems on the market. All are fairly easy to put together, but some may be easier to assemble if you use a hammer. The units are useful for storing children's toys and books since the cubes hold many common storage boxes. These types of storage systems give you the flexibility to create different height and width configurations. You can also use these grid systems to create guinea pig cages and reinforce them with zip ties.

Most interlocking grid storage systems are made of wire.
  1. Open the storage system package and separate the wire grid pieces from the connectors.

  2. Count your grids, laying out the configuration that you want to use. Each grid must have five sides (four sides plus one back side). As you lay out the cubes, remember that some will share sides.

  3. Once you have your desired configuration, be sure that you have a connector for each corner.

  4. Begin connecting the wire grids by pushing the wire corner into the connector. The circular connector has four sections, allowing four girds to fit into the connecting spot. You may use a hammer to gently tap the connector into place.

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