How to Kill Woodworms in Furniture

Finding the perfect antique table at a yard sale or inheriting a cherished chair from a relative brings joy every time you look at the furniture. Unfortunately, some beautiful furniture houses an ugly secret -- woodworm. Woodworm is not a type of worm; it is the larvae of wood-boring beetles. Woodworm leave telltale small circles on the surface of the wood as they leave the wood. Woodworm infestations can spread from one piece of furniture to another or even to the wood structural supports of your home making treatment necessary.

Step 1

Remove the woodworm-containing furniture from the house and away from other wood and wood structures.

Step 2

Set the furniture outside and away from the house.

Step 3

Put on gloves, a dust mask and safety goggles.

Step 4

Mix a concentrated or powered, commercially available woodworm insecticide with water if applicable. Some insecticides require water dilution before the application whereas other insecticides come as a ready-to-use preparation.

Step 5

Apply the wood-boring insecticide treatment to all surfaces of the furniture with a paintbrush, sprayer or spray bottle depending on the brand of insecticide. Let the insecticide remain on the surface of the furniture so it penetrates the wood and attacks the woodworm. Allow the furniture to dry completely, which ranges anywhere from six hours to 24 hours depending on the brand of insecticide.

Things You Will Need

  • Gloves
  • Dust mask
  • Safety goggles
  • Wood-boring insecticide
  • Paintbrush, sprayer or spray bottle

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