Ideas to Block the Sun From a Skylight

If you're interested in adding both light and the illusion of space to your kitchen or bathroom, a skylight may be one of your options. Though skylights offer both function and style to your room, the occasional need for less light and heat penetration may cause frustration. Whether you are looking to install a skylight or hoping to treat an existing skylight, options for blocking sunlight offer solutions for varying styles and budgets.

Tinted Glass

Several blocking options reduce light penetration through skylights.

Installing tinted glass in your skylight is a permanent solution that will give you limited light penetration. Bronze- or gray-tinted glass panes reduce the amount of light that would otherwise penetrate clear glass. Tinted glass is one of the preferred options for skylights installed in kitchens where sunlight exposure may damage natural wood cabinets, floors or countertops over time. For a more dramatic look, color-tinted glass in jewel tones like blue or green is also an option. It's best to choose the tinted glass before you install your sunlight replacing the glass pane in an existing window is one of the more costly options for homeowners who already have skylights.

Skylight Covers

Skylight covers are typically gray or bronze-tinted plastic or glass domes that fit over an existing skylight to reduce the amount of light penetration. People typically install skylight covers on the roofs of commercial buildings, though they are suitable for homes as well. Installing a skylight cover is much simpler than installing a new pane of glass in an existing skylight, and this often significantly reduces the price.

Skylight covers are available in many styles and profiles to fit both the size and shape of the skylight as well as the aesthetics of the home. Another benefit of skylight covers is that you can install them on the interior or exterior of a skylight. They are often removable so you can control when you want to allow full light penetration.

Skylight Shades

You may purchase special shades fitted to the size and angle of your skylight that offer room-darkening capabilities and UV-protection. Many of these shades are honeycomb-style shades that you control by using extra long cords accessible from the floor or by remote control. You can purchase skylight shades in many styles and colors to match your existing window treatments. Shades also offer a simple system for controlling light penetration to maintain proper room temperatures in your home.

Window Films

If you like the look and functionality of tinted glass but don't want to invest in a new pane for your existing skylight, consider applying a tinted window film that adheres to clear glass to offer light blocking. Tinted films are available in many colors to match or complement your design scheme. Though some tinted films come with do-it-yourself instructions, a professional installation reduces the risk of air pockets and folds in the film.

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