What Product Can I Use to Cover an Existing Concrete Patio?

If your concrete patio is in need of a face-lift because it's dull and worn or riddled with cracks, stains, or other minor damage, you can cover it with deck tiles. Available in many styles and in several uniform sizes, the deck tiles are designed to be easily installed over a patio and other surfaces by most homeowners. You can create a sturdy and durable new floating deck over the entire surface of the patio in a day. An added benefit to this system is that you can easily replace damaged tiles or remove the entire deck if you change your mind.


Increase the height of your patio with a layer of deck tiles over the top.

Commonly sold in 12-inch or larger squares, deck tiles also come in rectangular and even octagonal shapes.  They are normally constructed with a plastic grid backing and built-in connecting tabs that allow them to snap together for quick installation.

The tiles are normally made of durable, weather-resistant materials, requiring little maintenance to preserve them and their appearance.  Most wood deck tiles require no staining, though there are unfinished options available.

A yearly application of oil is all that's needed to preserve the finish on many of the wooden tile options. 


Deck tiles are designed for quick and easy installation over existing surfaces like patios and decks without help from a professional contractor.  Intended to withstand outdoor weather, the tiles are designed to allow water to drain through, keeping it from pooling on the surface.

They require no hardware like traditional decks to stay in place and only require a few basic tools to install them.  The resulting surface is intended to function like a standard deck, minus the time-consuming work that accompanies a typical deck installation.


Many types of decking tiles are available to cover your patio, including several species of wood and recycled materials.  Some hardwood options include ipe and teak, which are naturally resistant to insects, decay and mold.

Pressure-treated, unfinished pine is a cost-efficient wood tile option that you can finish as you wish.  Composite tiles made of recycled materials, such as reclaimed wood and plastic, are durable, weather resistant and eco friendly.

They require little maintenance and will not crack or splinter. 


Installing deck tiles is relatively simple, requiring just a tape measure and screwdriver unless you need to cut them to fit around posts, corners or other obstructions.  Any cuts can be accomplished with a utility knife, handsaw or jigsaw.

With an interlocking system, you connect the tile pieces to each other, creating a sturdy deck over your patio.  Hold the entire system in place by securing trim with silicone adhesive along edges where needed.

Create interesting patterns by incorporating tiles of different colors in your layout or by alternating the direction of tiles as you install them. 

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