Do Rust Pellets for Water Softeners Work?

Many areas of the United States have hard water that contains high levels of iron, calcium and magnesium. Hard water can cause problems with cleaning products and can create stains and deposits on appliances. Water softeners help to remove these minerals from water for household use. Rust pellets are designed for use in water softeners to help remove the iron in water.

Hard Water Problems

The minerals in water can make it difficult for soaps and detergents to work properly. Clothes may look dirty and dingy. This staining is due to the minerals combining to form insoluble salts. These hard minerals can cause clothes to wear out more quickly. Bathing in hard water can also leave a sticky film on skin. Hard water can leave deposits on dishes cleaned in the dishwasher. Water may also contain a large percentage of iron. This may come from natural sources like soil and water run-off. Iron can also come from inside iron pipes that carry water to homes and communities.

Rust Problems

When water has a high percentage of iron, it can leave rust-colored deposits on fabrics that are difficult to remove. Iron in water can also leave discolorations on the interior of home appliances like washers, dryers and dishwashers. Sometimes, this discoloration is permanent. Iron can also precipitate out of solution, leaving rusty deposits in water heaters and other household equipment. Rust-removing products are on the market to remove these rust stains from clothing and appliance, but they may not work effectively to remove all the stains. Rust deposits can build up to a point where they can clog pipes, valves or hoses. These deposits can cut off the free flow of water to your appliances.

Water Softeners and Rust

Though water softener salts remove some amount of iron from the water, it is not a large amount. Enough rust will remain in the water to cause problems with laundry stains, iron deposits and bad tasting water. To remove a larger amount of iron from the water requires the use of other methods, such as filters, sequestrants and rust-removing chemicals.

Using Rust Pellets In Water Softeners

Rust pellets are used to help remove iron from hard water. They are used in conjunction with home water softening systems and mineral removing chemicals. Rust pellets remove up to 15 times the amount of iron of plain water softener salts, according to the Morton Salt site. These pellets are formulated to dissolve evenly to bind to the iron and remove the buildup from water softeners and home appliances. Regular use of iron-removing pellets can help to protect your clothing and appliances from stains that can remain on these items permanently.