Ultimate Guide to Get Rid of Silverfish

Silverfish, also referred to as lepisma saccharina, are wingless insects that often appear silver and blue in color.


Silverfish are attracted to moisture, often taking up residence in damp parts of homes, basements and attics. The "Ultimate Guide to Get Rid of Silverfish" is an ebook composed by Bob Haskins designed to help you exterminate silverfish from your home.

The silverfish is a nocturnal insect that is less than an inch in length. The insect prefers to reside in damp and humid climates reaching up to around 95 percent humidity. The silverfish is equipped with two compound eyes, an anomaly among the other in the thysanura family. Silverfish have three cercis that extend from their heads and abdomen, used mostly for feeling the various surfaces they climb over and around. The common wiggling motion they perform is similar to that of a fish swimming, which is where the name is derived from.

Silverfish Facts

Within his ebook, Bob Haskins touches on six major silverfish facts. Silverfish can cause damage to your home by consuming the glue that binds your wallpaper and many other parts of your house. Silverfish are nocturnal, making it possible for them to disturb you while you are in bed. Silverfish can eat through your cereal, plants and even clothes, depending on the types of materials used to make your clothes. Finally, silverfish can be an embarrassing problem to have when guests come over, especially if they are located in your bathroom.

Guide Outline

While the "Ultimate Guide to Get Rid of Silverfish" addresses a number of smaller topics with regards to controlling your silverfish problem, the guide touches on several major aspects of silverfish management. The book will help you pinpoint the exact reason you have silverfish in your home, including the typical living conditions silverfish can survive in. The book will help you alter your conditions to make your home an unlivable space for silverfish. In addition, you will learn about how silverfish breed, and why they are so hard to remove permanently from your home.

Safety Instructions

Traditionally, an exterminator must be called in order to fully eradicate silverfish from your home. This may require the use of harmful chemicals and a temporary displacement while your home is fumigated. In the "Ultimate Guide to Get Rid of Silverfish," Bob Haskins claims that you do not need any pesticides, chemicals or boric acid to successfully exterminate these bugs. In addition, Haskins claims no experience is required in order to use his method for exterminating these bugs from your home.

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