Pros & Cons of Hygrade Steel Roofing

Hy-Grade is a steel roofing system manufactured and sold by the Hy-Grade Roofing company in Ontario, Canada.

Pro: Ease of Installation

Hy-Grade is a steel roofing system that is installed over your old roof.Hy-Grade is a steel roofing system that is installed over your old roof.
Hy-Grade is a proprietary roofing product, sold only by the Hy-Grade company and thus, is unavailable elsewhere. The Hy-Grade steel roofing system has a number of advantages. The primary disadvantages of a Hy-Grade roof are cost and appearance.

All Hy-Grade roofs are designed to be attached on top of your existing roof. This is a time saver, as you will not need to remove your old roof. This also allows the roof to be installed at most times of year. Hy-Grade estimates that it takes between three and five days to install a roof on most houses. Having two layers of roofing also provides additional insulation and reduces noise.

Variety and Durability

Hy-Grade roofs come in seven different colors, so they can match many different house styles and colors. Like other types of steel roofs, Hy-Grade will not need painting and requires almost no maintenance. It will not crack or chip if struck by hail. Hy-Grade roofs also come with a lifetime warranty. The Hy-Grade company claims that a typical roof will last 50 years, as opposed to an average of 15 years for an asphalt or shingle roof.

Energy and Eco-Efficiency

Steel roofs, such as those designed by Hy-Grade, are considered more energy efficient than many other types of roofing materials. This is because metal reflects heat better than materials like shingles, preventing the transfer of heat into the attic of your house. This allows you to save on energy bills. Because the Hy-Grade roof is installed on top of your existing roof, the old roof does not end up in landfill.

Cost and Appearance

Cost is the major drawback to a Hy-Grade roof. Hy-Grade roofs are two to three times the cost of an asphalt shingle roof, and around the same price as slate or tile roofs. Appearance is another consideration, as some people prefer the appearance of a tile or shingle roof to steel. Although Hy-Grade mimics shingles in appearance, it is noticeably made from steel.


Condensation is the other major consideration with a steel roof. As warm air escapes through the roof, it clings to the cold steel, then falls in droplets onto the old roof below. This accumulation of moisture can lead to mold growth and rot. The Hy-Grade system uses a strapping process and vents to create air flow that reduces condensation, but if the installation is not done correctly, condensation can result.

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