Hermle Clock Movement Problems

Hermle clock movements can be found in many different manufacturer clocks, including Seth Thomas, Mason and Sullivan, Howard Miller or Talley Industries.

Out of Beat Sounds

Hermle movements are used in many clocks.Hermle movements are used in many clocks.
Some common issues can effect a clock's movement, which in turn can cause the clock to malfunction. You can fix many of these common issues by yourself.

When a clock is out of beat, the tock sound will precede the tick sound. This is caused by failing to take the pendulum off when you move the clock. This can bend the part called the verge. The verge is what strikes the pendulum when the clock is working correctly. Open up the clock face and look for the verge -- it is located right near the stem of the pendulum. It should be straight. If it is bent either in toward the clock face or out toward the case, gently bend it back into place and close the clock back up.

Clock Stops Ticking

Two different problems will cause a clock to suddenly stop ticking or running. The first happens because of bent clock hands. The hands may be bent toward the face of the clock, or each other. Gently bend them back into place. The second problem occurs when the pendulum strikes something during its movement. If the flooring underneath the clock is not level, this will occur. Level out the clock by placing it on a flat surface.

Clock Chimes at the Wrong Time

If you lay a clock flat on its back to move it, it may begin chiming the hour at the half hour and vice versa. To fix this, wait for the clock to chime and count the chimes. Take the minute hand off and replace it, now pointing to the 12 position. Move the hour hand to the hour that just chimed. This will reset the workings and you can now set the clock to the correct time.

No Ticking Sounds

If you cannot hear the usual tick-tock coming from the clock, this is an indication that the hour and minute hands are bent. Remove the clock face and gently straighten them. If the ticking does not resume, it is possible that the chiming mechanism is off. In this instance, it is best to take the clock to a professional to have it fixed. Other common causes for failure to tick include star cam misalignment and chain misalignment. These will also require the help of a professional.

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