The Best Ways to Build a Border for a Playground

David Banks

Playground borders are one of the easiest ways to ensure a safe playing area for kids. An effective playground border clearly distinguishes a play-area from surrounding areas, evoking more caution and awareness from those around. There are many ways to build playground borders, but the most effective is to use pre-made border kits


Safe playground.

Measure the area of ground you plan to border. Playground borders are usually at least a foot tall, so ensure your border will not intersect with any playground equipment. Work your measurements around the specific kit you plan to use. A list of different kits can be found at the Frame It All website.


Mark the perimeter of your playground area by driving stakes in at the corners and attaching string to each steak. This gives you a clear vision for where your borders will go and ensures your anchor points line up.

Anchor Points

Take the anchor points (metal stakes with attachments on either side to secure planks) from your kit. Replace your original stakes with these new anchor points.

Brackets and Joints

Depending on how large your playground is, it might require additional brackets or anchor joints. These joints are similar to anchor points but are used to connected and secure multiple planks in a row.


Insert your planks into the anchor points and anchor joints. They should slide into place easily as you have already aligned the borders with string.

Mulch and Chips

After you assemble your border, fill in the area with dirt, mulch or wood chips. The new borders act as a container for whichever you choose. This addition acts as a safety precaution, providing soft ground for kids to play.